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Act Now

Stay Informed

Sign up for one of the Tucson Audubon Society E-newsletters and stay informed on all facets of our work and important conservation news. Joining the mailing list is easy. We look forward to keeping you informed.

Take Personal Political Action

  • Check our Conservation Action Alerts, learn more about important local issues, and advocate
  • Contact your government representatives! Complete list of who to contact in local, state and federal governments - Let your voice be heard!
  • cobp_logo_textLocal Carbon Offsetting
    As birders, we often travel far and wide, using our precious natural resources to do so. We create our own carbon footprint that contributes to the impact technology is having on wildlife populations and their ever important habitat. Participating in a carbon offset program is one way that we can mitigate the effects of our travel and participating in a Carbon Offset Bird Project will allow us to do the most good for birds.

    Tucson Audubon now has its own Carbon Offset Program. Use our calculator and support habitat resoration and creation in Tucson now!

  • Tucson Audubon Sustainable Living Wallet Card
    Many of the environmental issues facing our natural environment today come from too many people consuming too many of the earth’s natural resources. Print out the Wallet Card and put it in your wallet with your credit cards, and read it often.
  • Learn ten things you can do to promote Environmental Legislation in Arizona

Become a Volunteer!

arundo_GirlScoutsKendallTucson Audubon offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Coordinator and staff members have the ultimate responsibility in placing volunteer staff in programs best suited to their skills while meeting staff and department needs. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of volunteer staff within the organization while keeping our volunteers happy and productive.


Become A Friend

Become a member of the Friends of Tucson Audubon. You will be supporting our efforts in the fields of conservation, environmental education, and nature recreation in southeast Arizona.