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Villages at Vigneto

The Villages at Vigneto ("Vigneto") is a large, Tuscany-inspired development proposed by El Dorado Benson, LLC ("El Dorado") on over 12,000 acres of private land located south of Benson, AZ, pop. 5,100. Vigneto will include 27,760 new homes, commercial developments, golf courses, parks, vineyards, lakes, orchards, resorts, and an extensive road and utility network and is intended to attract up to 70,000 new residents.


Conservation in Action

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Tucson Audubon works in partnership to protect birds and key habitats from well-documented and emerging threats. Learn more about the issues and take action to make a difference! Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive Conservation Action Alerts and join our Conservation Action Team to lend your energy and skills to the cause!

How is Tucson Audubon making a difference by speaking out for wildlife and open spaces? See our position letters and comments.

Water and River Conservation

Water use and conservation is one of the most important issues in southeast Arizona for people and wildlife.

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Conservation Action Alerts

Our Alerts focused on specific conservation topics make it easier to advocate for birds and wildlife by giving you the facts.

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Planning and Implementation

Tucson Audubon is a founding member of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection and is involved in many local planning initiatives.

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Development & Pollution

Pollution and development are some of the leading threats to wildlife, human health, safety and global security.

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Collision Hazards

Resident and migrating birds face many flight challenges such as windows on houses and taller buildings, wind turbines, and power lines.

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Outdoor Cats

Household cats living outside exact a tremendous toll on birds and other wildlife in addition to increasing the risks to the cat’s life.

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Conservation Action Alerts

Take action now on regional issues affecting habitat and wildlife See the topics

Conservation News Archive

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