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Pre- and Post-Festival Extension Trips

Consider extending your stay in southeast Arizona by attending one or more of our Pre and Post- Festival Trips that we are offering in partnership with Solipaso and Borderland Tours. Both companies are generously donating a portion of the registration fee to Tucson Audubon to help us continue protecting birds and habitat in the region.

Pre-Festival Trips

August 7–9
Bird Communities of the Sky Islands in the Chiricahua Mountains with Borderland Tours
This three-day-long birding workshop in partnership with Tucson Audubon Society is designed for “Southeast Arizona Birding Festival” participants looking for insight into the ecological factors shaping the distribution and population dynamics of avian communities in Southeastern Arizona.  Most of our time will be spent in the Chiricahua Mountains, the largest and most biologically diverse of the isolated sierras locally known as “Sky Islands.”  Drawing species from six North American bio-geographical regions—three with their locus in Mexico—and spanning five of C. Hart Merriam’s life zones, the Chiricahuas are a living laboratory that supports most of the birds found in the American Southwest.

Post-Festival Trips

August 14–17
Madera: A Short Trip for Special Sierra Madre Endemics with Solipaso
This short but very special trip into the states of Sonora and Chihuahua is offered mainly to see the target species of the highly endemic Thick-billed Parrot and Eared Quetzal. It would be a great combination tour for anyone birding the ‘second spring’ of southeastern Arizona or simply to see some spectacular birds! Although they won’t count in the ABA area, this trip does give you the opportunity to see some very sought-after species relatively easily in a short period of time. Although our main targets on this trip are the Parrots, there is a lot more to be seen. The forests around Madera hold many other interesting birds, including Eared Quetzal, Pine Flycatcher, Spotted Wren, and Aztec, Slate-throated Redstart, Rufous-capped Brush-finch, Black-headed Siskin, Mountain Trogon, Russet Nightingale-thrush, Flame-colored Tanager, Striped Sparrow, spotted Wren, Brown-backed Solitaire, Gray-silky Flycatcher and Montezuma Quail.

August 14–20
Alpine Arizona, Grand Canyon, & Condors with Borderland Tours
After soaking up the avian riches of Southeastern Arizona at the Tucson Audubon Society birding festival, we’ll have four days in the high, cool White Mountains of Central Arizona. The White Mountains essentially comprise the southernmost extension of the Rocky Mountains, where we’ll have chances for many birds that normally require a separate trip deeper into the Interior West of the United States. Species that most birders can’t picture nesting in Arizona such as Osprey and Bald Eagle, Downy and American Three-toed Woodpeckers, Williamson’s and Red-naped Sapsuckers, Gray and Pinyon Jays, Clark’s Nutcracker, American Dipper, Gray Catbird, and Mountain Bluebird are all possible. Rounding out our northern Arizona experience, we’ll also bird the environs of the Grand Canyon. A well-timed visit to the Vermilion Cliffs or Marble Canyon–or both–should position us to catch lift-off for America’s largest raptor, the magnificent California Condor. The American Birding Association even recently announced that Condors could now be “counted” per ABA rules, and second generation Condors are again breeding on remote cliffs within this colossal de facto wilderness.  Though some may consider Condors the climax of any Arizona trip, for others the simply awe-inspiring vistas from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon will resonate long after our return to Tucson.



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