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Vermilion Flycatcher Archive

The Vermilion Flycatcher is Tucson Audubon’s quarterly member publication, loaded with information on where and when to go birding, conservation news, and upcoming events. To receive this high-quality full-color magazine by mail, become a member by joining now! Reading the Vermilion Flycatcher online saves paper and money and is usually available for reading before the printed version arrives in the mail! Please contact Diana Rosenblum if you would like Tucson Audubon to stop mailing the Flycatcher to you.

Tucson Audubon is proud to feature the work of these great photographers in the Vermilion Flycatcher. Check out their amazing bird photos!

Advertising in the Vermilion Flycatcher

Four-color Display Ads and Classified Ads (the TAS-ifieds)

There are two ways to advertise in the Vermilion Flycatcher. If you are a current Friend of Tucson Audubon or a member of the Tucson Audubon’s Birds Benefit Business Alliance, you can advertise in the TAS-ifieds or submit a display ad. See our rate sheet for fees and full information.


April/May/June Vol 62, Number 2 2 MB
January/February/March Vol 62, Number 1 2 MB
October/November/December Vol 61, Number 4 2 MB
July/August/September Vol 61, Number 3 2 MB
April/May/June Vol 61, Number 2 2.5 MB
January/February/March Vol 61, Number 1 2 MB
October/November/December Vol 60, Number 4 3 MB
July/August/September Vol 60, Number 3 2 MB
April/May/June Vol 60, Number 2 4 MB
January/February/March Vol 60, Number 1 5 MB
October/November/December Vol 59, Number 4 4 MB
July/August/September Vol 59, Number 3 3 MB
April/May/June Vol 59, Number 2 4 MB
January/February/March Vol 59, Number 1 3 MB
October/November/December Vol 58, Number 4 4 MB
July/August/September Vol 58, Number 3 6 MB
April/May/June Vol 58, Number 2 4 MB
January/February/March Vol 58, Number 1 6 MB
October/November/December Vol 57, Number 4 7 MB
July/August/September Vol 57, Number 3 5 MB
April/May/June Vol 57, Number 2 4 MB
January/February/March Vol 57, Number 1 5 MB
October/November/December Vol 56, Number 4 4 MB
July/August/September Vol 56, Number 3 4 MB
April/May/June Vol 56, Number 2 4 MB
January/February/March Vol 56, Number 1 3.5 MB
Previous Years
2002–2010 (coming soon)


Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona, Revised 8th Edition, 2015

Tucson Audubon’s updated edition brings together all the latest information on finding birds in southeast Arizona. This is your best source of detailed information that will help in planning bird watching adventures throughout southeast Arizona. New for the Revised Eighth Edition:

  • New birding sites across Southeast Arizona
  • New maps and updated older maps
  • Updated contact information and web addresses
  • Updated information on existing site locations
  • Updated information on entering Mexico
  • Updated IBA (Important Bird Areas) information, including sites
  • Updated bar graphs and species accounts for all species

Learn more and purchase your copy today!



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