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Urban Hummingbird Program

Tucson Audubon decided that its “Year of the Hummingbird” program should include ways to inspire young minds through the magic of hummingbirds. With assistance from Audubon Arizona, Tucson Audubon developed an interactive classroom presentation and information kit for K-8 teachers and students. The presentation covers the spectrum of hummingbird information, from biology and identification to the significance hummingbirds have had in human societies over the ages. Our kit includes hummingbird guides, fact sheets, and even a feeder and sugar for classrooms that are ready to take on the responsibility of feeding. An exhaustive compilation of digital hummingbird resources and activities is also part of the kit left with classrooms to use.

Are you an educator interested in this lesson, or do you know one who might be? Download the program poster here

Contact Andy Bennett to schedule a lesson in your classroom or youth group, request materials, or with general education questions. The digital Urban Hummingbird presentation and teaching resources are available upon request.

Great visuals. The kids loved seeing the video clips incorporated into the presentation. The presenter had a great way of asking questions to help scaffold the students’ learning and ideas as she asked the questions. Bisma Aizaz

4th Grade Teacher, Sahuarita Intermediate School

‘Hard Worker’–this from second grader who was very impressed with how hard the females work all by themselves to raise the young hummingbirds. Jean Rios

Tucson Audubon Volunteer Educator


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