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North Simpson Farm and Martin Farm

Tucson Audubon, in cooperation with the City of Tucson, is enhancing wildlife habitat along the lower Santa Cruz River in northern Pima County.The project sites have a riparian zone fed by effluent from Tucson, and adjacent abandoned farm land in the river's floodplain. Project personnel produced a site assessment and work plan, and do planting, seeding, invasive plant control and other work at these sites.

The Simpson Farm is west of Trico Road, north of Trico-Marana and Silverbell Roads. The Martin Farm site is a 30-acre portion of the former Martin Farm lying north of Marana Road just west of the Santa Cruz River. The project site includes a riparian zone fed by effluent from Tucson, adjacent former mesquite bosque and an upper area of creosote flats. Project personnel produced a site assessment and plan, and work began in the fall of 2006. In addition to planting, seeding and fighting invasives, erosion control features have been constructed.

Regular monitoring surveys are now being conducted at both these sites. Avian surveys already show that a good number of southern Arizona bird species are utilizing the site. Many of these species, such as Abert's Towhee, Bell's Vireo and Loggerhead Shrike are already or may become threatened by the loss of habitat.

These sites are posted no trespassing, and can be accessed only during official Tucson Audubon events led by Tucson Audubon staff members.

For information about opportunities to visit these project sites, call Jonathan Horst at (520) 971-6238 (cell).