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A Year of Hummingbird Fun

You’ll have plenty of chances to inspire others with your passion for hummingbirds all year! Snap a great photo of a hummer at your hotspot? Find a nest nearby? Feel inspired to create art or write about hummingbirds?

We’ll post your photos and work on our website, Blog, Facebook, in our Nature Shops, or in the Vermilion Flycatcher magazine! Year-long contests will bring you exciting birdy prizes!

Current Contest:

The Winter/Spring Photo Contest has just ended. Thanks to all who submitted their wonderful images of hummingbirds and to those who helped Tucson Audubon choose the winning photos. See below for the winners!

COMING NEXT: Summer Art Contest (details coming soon)

Want to share your art with the world? Share scans or photos of your hummingbird sketches, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, knit or crochet pieces — the sky’s the limit!

Winter Writing Contest
Share your favorite, original hummingbird poems, stories, or field journals! How have these colorful birds touched your life? What have you observed about their aeronautic talents.

Hummingbird Lore and Fun Facts
The Aztecs knew hummingbirds to be reincarnated warriors. The Rufous Hummingbird migrates 3,500 miles, one-way. Hummer nests are built from spider-webs to expand as the chicks grow. Learn the secrets of hummingbirds all year as Tucson Audubon shares fun facts

PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS (click the image to enter gallery)


Year of the Hummingbird EVENTS CALENDAR

There will be many opportunities to interact with hummingbirds and Tucson Audubon all year


Tucson Meet Your Birds

April 29, May 13, August 12, November 28
Hummingbird Blitzes

October 20
Fly! An Evening Celebration of Birds and the Arts
Annual Gala


30th Annual Birdathon

AUGUST 10–13

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

Giving Tuesday – Hummingbird Heroes


Tucson Audubon Society
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Mason Center
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Paton Center for Hummingbirds
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520 415-6447