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2017 Hummingbird Blitzes

You can help study hummingbirds as a citizen scientist! See below for instructions on how to add your Blitz results to our map.

Hummingbird Blitz Dates in 2017: Feb 18, March 4, April 29, May 13, August 12, and Nov 28


How to use the map

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

  1. See a hummingbird, ANYWHERE, on a Blitz date
  2. Go to the interactive map above and mark the location of your siting
  3. Add the number seen at each point to the point name. You can add details or even a photo!

…and repeat for each species and location!

Prefer to use eBird? Share your checklists to username TucsonYOH and your observations will get added to the map!

Details on how to add a hummingbird sighting:

  • Find the location you want to add to the map. You can navigate the map using the plus/minus zoom buttons in the bottom right or enter the address into the search bar at the top which will zoom you to that location.
  • Once you have your location in view you need to select the species you want to add. You do this by clicking on the white space near the species name on the legend that is on the left side of the map – you will see a blue vertical line on the left edge, this is showing that you have this species selected. Do not uncheck the boxes next to the names as these only effect which species are visible on the map.
  • Now you are ready to add your point! Click the “Add Marker” icon at the top (it looks like a balloon and it to the right of the little hand) and then click on the location you want to add your sighting. You can add any details you want such as how many individuals you observed and what flower species they were feeding from. If you want you can also add photos by clicking the camera icon in the bottom right of the window.
  • Click “Save” and you are done! Thanks for participating in the Hummingbird Blitz

Having a Problem?

If you are not seeing any way to add a marker look to see if there is a blue “Sign In” button in the top corner. If so then click on it and sign in using a Google Account. Tucson Audubon is not requiring any sign in info but Google does require you to be signed in to edit the map. We do not see any information about you, only what you add to the map. You do not need to sign in at all to see the map, only to add to it or make changes.

Now on the left in the white legend menu should be the word Edit in blue – click this and you can now add you sightings. [Edit after signing in photo]

If you are still having problems or do not want to sign into a Google account or don’t have/want a Google account you can email your sightings details to (we need address, species and any other details you want to include) or share an eBird checklist with username TucsonYOH .


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