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Carbon Offset Bird Project – Offset Calculator

Carbon Neutralizer


By participating in Tucson Audubon’s COBP, the effects of your travel will be mitigated locally and our birds will benefit. Thank you for your support!

You have a choice to direct your donation in one of two ways:

1) to create or restore local bird habitat at a variety of working sites in southeastern Arizona OR

2) to plant trees at the Simpson Farm along the lower Santa Cruz River for direct carbon offset.


You can use our calculator to compute the number of credits needed to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) production of your car, commercial airplane flight, or both. You can also neutralize extra CO2 by purchasing extra credits.
After calculating your total, you will be required to enter the monetary value on the following donation page. Thank you!

You can enter another amount on the donation page (follow the link at the bottom). 

Compute your car’s CO2 output

Select the fuel efficiency of your car:
Enter the number of miles driven:
Here is the number of tons of CO2 your car produced:

Compute the CO2 created by air travel

Enter the length of the flight in miles:
Here is the number of tons of CO2 you produced on the flight:

Would you like to purchase additional credits?

Enter additional tons of CO2 to regenerate:
TOTAL credits (tons of CO2):

After you compute the total payment above, complete your donation on the Tucson Audubon Society secure web portal by clicking on the button below and entering your amount manually. This window will stay open so you can check back here for the correct total.

Thank you for enhancing southeast Arizona for all desert dwellers!