Difficulty: Moderate (Some mild slopes–mostly flat ground and good surfaces)
Combine birding and habitat restoration as we explore the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve. We’ll walk the Smith Canyon Loop Trail (Approx 1.5 mi) with experts in habitat restoration and wildlife. Afterwards we’ll tour the Borderlands Nursery & Seed to see the process of developing materials for restoration planting and a chance to purchase native plants and seeds. The Borderlands Wildlife Preserve has been identified as one of the most important wildlife migratory corridors in Arizona and is a biodiversity hotspot. We’ll learn about the steps Borderlands Restoration Network and Tucson Audubon are taking to restore Montezuma Quail habitat in this and other biologically diverse areas identified by scientists as most in need of protection for species survival. Borderlands Restoration Network is an ecological restoration nonprofit located in Patagonia, AZ with a mission to rebuild healthy ecosystems, restore habitat for plants and wildlife, and reconnect border communities to the land through shared learning. Drive time to the meeting location from festival venue is about 85 minutes, specific meeting instructions will be emailed beforehand. Limited to 10 participants.

Montezuma Quail by John Hoffman