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Tucson Audubon in the News

Check here for the latest regional news coverage of Tucson Audubon and its programs!


Paton’s Birder Haven to be sold
By Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star (Dec 13, 2013)
A residence in Patagonia — where bird-watchers have come for decades to spot species such as the sought-after violet-crowned hummingbird in the backyard — will be sold by the owners and managed by the Tucson Audubon Society. Read the full story

Birds of the San Pedro River – The last perennially flowing river in southern Arizona
The Arizona Experience (Nov. 2013)
Narrated by Jennie McFarland of the Tucson Audubon Society. Watch the video

Mine-owned San Pedro stretch a rarely seen bird haven
By Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star (Oct 10, 2013)
Along the lower San Pedro River, the opening note is the raspy call of the Bewick’s wren, followed by the whistle of the lesser goldfinch. A Gila woodpecker emits a piercing shriek. A song sparrow chips from high above. A few minutes later, the Tucson Audubon Society’s Jennie McFarland exclaims, “Ooh, ooh. I thought I heard a Southwestern willow flycatcher call — ‘fitz bew.’ ” Read the full story

Rosy-faced Lovebirds in Arizona
Arizona Illustrated (10-7-13)
Troy Corman, Avian Monitoring Coordinator with Arizona Game and Fish, discusses the expansion of the rosy-faced lovebird in Phoenix. Jennie MacFarland of Tucson Audubon and Greg Clark, Birding Researcher with Wild at Heart, describe birds found in the Sonoran Desert. Watch the segment

Paul Green: Long-lasting effects of Rosemont on waterways must be considered carefully
Editorial, AZ Daily Star (Sept 25, 2013)
In southeast Arizona, waterways and surrounding lands, including seeps and springs, have a special and unique significance in our regional landscape. They contribute to our safe drinking water, provide places for our solace and recreation, and are home to a wide diversity of animals and plants. Read the full story

Giant Reed Project Thanks!
Sabino Canyon Naturalists (May 2013)
An update on the recovery of Sabino Canyon, post Arundo donax (Giant Reed) removal. Watch the video

Wings Over Willcox Celebrates 20 Years
KVOA TV (January 2013)
Paul Green and Jennie MacFarland discuss new Global IBA in Willcox during the Wings Over Willcox Festival. Watch the segment


Harvest Festival and Mesquite Milling
COX TV ad (Oct 2012) Watch the spot

Tucson Bird & Wildlife Festival
Arizona Outdoors KNST radio (August 11, 2012)
Jennie MacFarland interviewed about the Festival. Listen to the interview

The 2nd annual Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival is being held between August 15th-19th.
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV (August 9, 2012)
Erin Olmstead and Sara Pike discuss the upcoming Festival. Go to 16:45. Watch the segment

Bird festival draws participants from 20 states for August event
By Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star (July 12, 2012)
People from 20 states have already signed up for a major bird-watching bash in Tucson – even though it’s more than a month away. The Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival, set for Aug. 15-19, will feature field trips, workshops, talks by wildlife experts and a two-day Nature Expo with live birds and exhibits. Read the full story

TAS_kgunSouthern Arizona Experience: Birdwatching
By Chris Miracle KGUN-TV (May. 26, 2012)
Amongst the consistent sounds that life brings us is a soundscape soundtrack that the desert southwest provides. Southern Arizona is a bird migration intersection. Paul Green, Tucson Audubon Society, “In Southern Arizona we have ea number of different sources of birds from different habitats coming together in one place. Watch the segment

April, May Events Bring Local Birds, Ecology to Community
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV
(April 19, 2012)
Tucson is one of the nation’s top bird-watching destinations, and a hub for environmental research. Now, a month of educational events will bring both these local fortes to the forefront. Paul Green and Carl Olson discuss Birdathon and the Institute of Desert Ecology. Watch the segment

Look and Listen – Birding Improves Personal and Environmental Health
Natural Awakenings website by Tanner Jones (April 2012)
On any given morning, hundreds of Tucsonans equip themselves with binoculars, a field guide and a notebook to go for a walk in the parks and surrounding wilderness in search of birds. Read the full story

Join the flock for Birdathon fundraiser
By Doug Kreutz, Arizona Daily Star (3/24/2012)
Teams of birdwatchers with flighty names such as the Bird Brains, Girly Birds and Gonzo Birders are gearing up for the 25th annual Tucson Audubon Society Birdathon. Read the full story


Native Foods Make A Comeback In Southwest
Fronteras website By Jill Replogle (11/23/2011)
Tired of waiting in line at the supermarket during this holiday season? Well, there may be some native foods that are making a comeback in the southwest that you can harvest near your home. Tucson Audubon’s Mason Center is featured with footage of the mesquite milling event. Watch the short film

azill_erin_michTucson Bird & Wildlife Festival
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV (8/16/ 2011)
Erin Olmstead and Mich Coker discuss the upcoming TBWF following a piece on SW Wings Birding Festival and birding economics. Watch the segment

Our birds a regional treasure: Fledgling festival promotes wildlife as economic and environmental assets
By Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star (8/11/2011)
On the surface, the first Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival will give people a chance to watch and learn about some of Southeast Arizona’s most world-renowned attractions: its birds, along with its cacti, shrubs, large cats and other wildlife. Read the full storyBird-watching is big business in Arizona
By Terry Tang, Associated Press (8/1/2011)
From the sandhill crane to the red-faced warbler, rock stars of the birding world have spawned a tourism industry in Arizona that draws bird-watchers from around the world. “It’s one of the two or three best places in the United States to look for birds,” said David Pashley of the American Bird Conservancy. “Arizona makes a lot of money off of bird-watchers going down to the southeast corner of the state.” Read the full story

pg_onazillConservation Soars in Southern Arizona
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV
(May 26, 2011)
Following a feature on LightHawk, a non-profit that provides us and others with free flights to help with our conservation work, Tucson Audubon was interviewed about its work. Watch the segment

Group seeks to raise natural awareness

Loni Nannini Special To The Arizona Daily Star (1/2/2011)
The dust is starting to settle from the holidays, and volunteers with the Tucson Audubon Society want to remind everyone that a natural resource-friendly New Year’s resolution is a gift that will give back for generations to come. Read the full story


Bird watching making economic impact in Arizona
KVOA TV (12/10/2010)
Bird watching may be a quiet market, but Paul Green from the Tucson Audubon Society said cash is flying in with the help from visitors. “When they come here they spend money mainly on food, lodging transportation and that’s worth to the state about 1.5 billion dollars a year. And Pima County more than 300 million dollars a year,” Green said. Watch the segment

Interview with Institute of Desert Ecology Director Matt Brooks
Thirty Minutes, KXCI radio (2/21/2010)

The Institute of Here Once a year…
By Diana Turner, The Desert Leaf (1/20/2010)
It’s Thursday evening, dusk on the first day of class. The campus is Catalina State Park on the western flank of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Two faculty members of the Institute of Desert Ecology, Linwood Smith, Ph.D., and Carl Tomoff, Ph.D., are leading a group that is listening for owls. The group moves quietly on the sandy paths with their eyes adjusting to the darkening canyon and ears opening to the night. Smith has been a member of the faculty since 1972, so he’s done this walk a time or two before. Read the full story


Invasive Species Removal – Giant reed spreading in Sabino Canyon
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV (11/2009)
Volunteers are trying to get rid of an invasive plant that’s been destroying many natives in one of Southern Arizona’s most popular tourist attractions. Arundo donax, commonly known as giant reed, has been spreading quickly in the riparian areas of Sabino Canyon, endangering endemic species such as mesquite, ash trees and the button willow shrub. Watch the segment

Wastewater – Arizona Spotlight on KUAT 89.1 FM
Kendall Kroesen featured. Find out what happens to more than 65 million gallons of drinking water that gets flushed every day in Pima County, as Laura Markowitz follows the flow.

Faced with uncertainty about how climate change will affect our water resources, Pima County and the City of Tucson recently formed a joint Water and Wastewater Oversight Committee to plan for a sustainable water future.
Listen to the segment
Watch the piece from Arizona Illustrated

Representative Gabrielle Giffords writes letter of thanks to Tucson Audubon for its work over the last 60 years. (2/4/09)
Read letter

Audubon joins fight against global warming
TAS_in_Media_Filming_the_AZ_Illustrated_segmentBy Tony Davis, Arizona Daily Star (2/1/09)
Executive Director Paul Green discusses the need to restrict carbon inputs to our atmosphere as part of a broader range of conservation efforts to preserve habitats for birds and other wildlife. Extreme changes in our climate could change habitats beyond recognition.
Read the full story

Birding–Big business in Arizona
Tucson Audubon on Arizona Illustrated KUAT (1/28/09)
Watch the segment

Paul Green interviewed on KXCI 91.3 FM
Last summer, the US Army Corps of Engineers tried to quietly eliminate the high levels of protection for the Santa Cruz River under the Clean Water Act. A national audience of concerned citizens wondered what might happen to their watersheds if this could happen in Tucson. But in December, the decision was reversed by the EPA after publicity and testimony by the Tucson Audubon Society and others. KXCI reporter Craig McComb looked in on Tucson Audubon as they prepare to celebrate their sixtieth anniversary. Listen to interview

Paul Green interviewed on KUAT 89.1 FM
The Tucson Audubon segment begins at 13:50 and ends at about 20:40.
Listen to interview (you may have to save this mp3 file first and then open it)

Tucson Audubon turns 60
Gala to feature silent auction teeming with birds
By Laura Marble, The Explorer (1/21/09)
Back in 1949 when the Tucson Audubon Society formed, you could get an annual membership to the group for a buck. Read the full story

Tucson Audubon Society celebrates its 60th year
By B. POOLE – Tucson Citizen (1/9/09)
Perhaps it’s fitting that the first order of business for the newly formed Tucson Audubon Society in 1949 was to organize a birding field trip for the 25 founding members.
Read the full story


Mason Center–Hidden habitat
Arizona Illustrated KUAT TV (12/2007
Watch the segment

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Tucson Audubon Society
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Tucson Audubon Society
300 E University Blvd. #120
Tucson, AZ 85705

Mason Center
3835 W Hardy Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85742

Paton Center for Hummingbirds
477 Pennsylvania Ave.
Patagonia, AZ 85624
520 415-6447


Tucson Audubon Society
300 E University Blvd. #120
Tucson, AZ 85705

Mason Center
3835 W Hardy Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85742

Paton Center for Hummingbirds
477 Pennsylvania Ave.
Patagonia, AZ 85624
520 415-6447