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Volunteer Opportunity:




The Bird-safe Buildings Program aims to document bird window strikes in SE Arizona and help injured birds.

Position Description:

We are looking to conduct monitoring surveys for bird window collisions in the Downtown and University of Arizona routes once per week during peak fall migration period of April-May. The monitoring would consist of walking a pre-assigned route in the morning along problematic buildings, documenting strikes and reporting back.


Must be able to walk 2-3 miles on paved terrain. Bird ID optional.


Once a week (April-May). Survey takes about 1-1.5 hours not including driving time.

Number of Openings:

Looking for 5-10 volunteers to help with surveys.


Downtown Tucson or University of Arizona Campus


Interested in volunteering? Email: Olya Weekley, Applied Conservation Project Manager, (


Photo: Susan Lantz, BSB Surveyor