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Habitat at Home – Create a beautiful, water-saving landscape that attracts birds and other wildlife

A Habitat at Home landscaping can lower your water bills, reduce yard maintenance, and beautify your home while providing food and habitat for the birds that enrich our community. Native species allow you to enjoy a cooler, low-maintenance, and beautiful landscape in Tucson’s hot and dry weather.


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Habitat at Home is a self-guided educational program that will help you to:


Your starter packet includes a planning guide that starts with an inventory of your location: how much space do you have in your yard? Are your landscaping goals a flower pot and a feeder, or a garden makeover? Answering these questions will help you make a plan that best suits your needs.  Then, use the Habitat at Home guide to identify plants suitable to your plan.


Decide what level you want to achieve – the Hummingbird, Goldfinch, Thrasher, or Cardinal level (see below). Create a landscaping plan based on your yard and the level requirements. Making a plan will help you follow through and implement your vision.



Implement your plan. Buy your plants, water features, feeders, etc. and anything else needed for your perfect landscape- and get to work!





Complete the checklist for your chosen level. Bring it to the Tucson Audubon Nature Shop and receive the sticker announcing your achievement to add to your Habitat at Home sign. Upload photos of your project to our Flickr site, or share the results with a neighbor. Perhaps even lead your own presentation or a workshop about Habitat at Home to share your success!


  • Sign up online, the cost is $35 for members, $45 for non-members (one-time registration fee)
  • Receive your Habitat at Home yard sign and “In-Progress” sticker in the mail
  • Follow the step by step instructions on your Habitat at Home Checklist and feel great that you are helping birds and other wildlife thrive while you save water and make your community a cooler, more enjoyable place to live!
  • Have your workbook emailed to you (PDF form) or have a hard copy physically mailed to you
  • Take advantage of the additional resources on this site



your finished bird friendly project with Tucson Audubon! We’d love to see how you adapted the program to your own needs and creative vision. Upload your photos to the Tucson Audubon Flickr page, and make sure your name and a description of your Habitat at Home landscaping project is included in the captions.

Help us track native plants in Tucson! The National Audubon Society is trying to plant 1,000,000 million native plants for birds this year, and we need your help to get there. The Native Plant form is a metric tool that the National Audubon Society and Tucson Audubon Society are using to measure and track how many native plants are being planted across the country and in Tucson. By putting your native plant numbers into this form, you’re helping us reach our goal and accurately measure Tucson’s native plant impact.



Do you have limited time, resources, or space for a landscaping project? Are you a renter who can’t make big changes to your yard? This level will guide you to make a small hummingbird planter garden on a patio.


Are you working with small space, or integrating native plants into a majority non-native garden? This level will guide you to make a pollinator garden with a water feature that you can adapt to small spaces.


Ready to take on a full-scale yard design? This level will guide you to design a yard that collects water, produces food for birds and humans, and integrates a majority of native plants.


You’re ready to be a champion for birds! This level will guide you to create a yard that is bird friendly, sustainable, and designed to lower heat island effects through an integrated approach to landscaping.


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