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If birds are going to thrive in the desert, safe and healthy habitat is vital. With your support, Tucson Audubon works hard to restore and protect the ecosystem.

Our Restoration Efforts

Our restoration efforts are concentrated in riparian areas; along some of our region’s rivers, streams and washes. Improving habitat along riparian areas is one of the most efficient ways we can help wildlife species, since so many of them use riparian areas. A large number of bird species that are on the Audubon Watchlist (of vulnerable bird species) are ones that depend on riparian areas.

Often habitats in our riparian floodplains are degraded due to farming, grazing, groundwater pumping and erosion. Enhancing the habitat in these areas means increasing the diversity and density of native vegetation. We use standard habitat restoration techniques as well as adding innovative methods from the field of Permaculture.

All Tucson Audubon habitat restoration sites are posted no trespassing, and access is only possible during official Tucson Audubon events or by special arrangement.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about our habitat restoration projects and how you can volunteer, please contact Cally Wilken, Mitigation Program Manager.