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Eastern Bluebird by Shawn Cooper

Best Field Practices for Wildlife Photography

Registration for this virtual event is free.

Whether you’re meandering through a forest, canoeing a river, or traipsing across a desert ridgeline, every step you take is being carefully observed by countless creatures both above and below. With that in mind, there’s no denying that our very presence in nature affects the lives of all plants and creatures. How exactly does our behavior impact them, though? The short answer: it depends. When we slow down and prioritize the experience at hand over any specific outcome, we not only reduce disturbance, but often enjoy an altogether richer experience in the natural world. In this virtual event, naturalist photographers Steve Vaughan and Ian Adrian will explore the connection between beautiful pictures and a kinder, less-damaging approach to wildlife photography.

As a companion to this virtual presentation, we invite you to register for an in-field photography workshop with Steve Vaughan and Ian Adrian on Saturday, January 7 to Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area. See more information and register for the trip here.


Header Image: Eastern Bluebird by Shawn Cooper





11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Zoom (virtual)


Zoom (virtual)


Ian Adrian

Volunteer Field Trip Leader

Other Organizers

Steve Vaughan

Volunteer Field Trip Leader