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Mammals of the Desert Night with Pinau Merlin

When the moon is a crescent and the stars sparkle in the sky, the Sonoran Desert’s own mammal stars venture
out on their nightly errands. In this program we’ll take an in-depth look at a variety of these nocturnal animals,
discovering fascinating behaviors and adaptive strategies of badgers, skunks, bats, kit fox, and mountain lions,
among others. We’ll learn such things as how bats can emit echolocation calls that are louder (in decibels)
than a home fire alarm without damaging their own sensitive hearing and the meaning of various mt lion calls.
There is so much exciting wildlife activity going on at night, yet night is also the time humans are most
compromised by not having nocturnal vision. So we’ll look at how we can use and enhance our other senses to
“see” more wildlife at night. We’ll discover the different colors of eyeshine, how various animals move,
identifying the smells of particular species and much more.
Join Pinau Merlin for an intriguing look into the desert’s amazing night life.

Header Image: Mountain Lion by Pinau Merlin

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11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Zoom (virtual)


Zoom (virtual)


Pinau Merlin