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The Art & Ethics of Wildlife Photography with Hunt’s Photo

Registration for this event is free. 

If you are new to photography and birding, or have been in the field for decades there will always be something else to learn. The most rewarding thing about the practice of Wildlife photography is that the unexpected is the norm, and in many ways what we as naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts live for. In this workshop, photographer Theodore Emery will discuss ways to get yourselves into unique situations with wildlife and offer new methods to deepen your understanding of how birds interact with various habitats and landscapes. In conjunction with this the workshop will explore how to ethically and mindfully move through wild landscapes to leave minimal impact on our feathered friends.

About the speaker: Theodore Emery has been a naturalist for over 20 years, and holds a bachelor’s degree in ornithology and is currently pursuing a master’s in High school science education. His work as a wildlife photographer has been featured in various publications and books around the world. Recently he has moved away from competitions and publications to pursue the creation of networks where photographers can mentor and find each-other. He strongly believes that nature connection, conservation, and fun are the most important tenets to his wildlife photography and aims to promote that in the community.

This event was rescheduled from November 2, 2022.





5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Zoom (virtual)


Zoom (virtual)


Theodore Emery

Wildlife Photographer