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American Kestrel Cam

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Falco and Kate are two American Kestrels using a nestbox on the northwest side of Tucson since 2019.

Falco is the male and has triangular pattern on the back and blue-gray wings. Kate is the female with striped back and brown back and wings. Both have a false eye shape on the back of their heads which creates the “always watching predator” look, especially prominent in night vision on the camera.

This nestbox was installed on private property when the homeowner noticed a pair of kestrels hanging around this lone saguaro back in 2019. It lacked cavities and since kestrels are secondary cavity nesters, they could not utilize it for nesting. This area otherwise was the perfect habitat for the pair so the nestbox went up on the saguaro as an experiment. A hose and paracord were used for attachment to avoid damaging the saguaro. Almost immediately the pair began to investigate it and nested in it that year! Now outfitted with a camera, this nestbox provides a glimpse into the intimate part of the American Kestrel lives.

This live-feed camera is part of Tucson Audubon’s Desert Nestbox Initiative and is made possible by donations.

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Follow along with clips from Falco and Kate’s timeline.

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