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Window Treatment Options

Acopian Birdsavers

An external curtain of paracord allows for an affordable window treatment that does not directly adhere to the window itself. DIY or Purchase

Tempera Paint or Bar Soap

Draw a temporary design up to your liking. Apply to the exterior of the glass surface for best visibility. It’s easily removed and can be switched up to match holidays for a kid-friendly project. Tempera paint is available at your local craft stores and online.

Feather Friendly Bird Tape

This is a dotted decal design that does not obscure much of your view yet remains visible to birds. Purchase at Tucson Audubon Nature Shop or our Online Shop.


CollidEscape Bird Tape and Film

This method offers a few different options that stick directly onto the exterior of your window glass. Some options even offer privacy and energy savings while preserving the view. Purchase Here.


Bird Crash Preventer Curtains

Brackets of monofilament lines that come with hardware required for installation. This method preserved the view and was easily installed. Purchase Here.

Songbird Essential Window Decals

These decals must follow the 2″x 2″ spacing rule to protect even our smallest fliers. A single hawk silhouette will not deter the birds. Purchase in Tucson Audubon Nature Shop or our Online Store.