Difficulty: Easy

Join us for a leisurely bike ride on a dedicated path around Reid Park in search of its varied bird life. Located right across from the DoubleTree hotel Festival site, the park is one of the best places in Tucson to see Vermilion Flycatchers! We’ll check the lakes of the park for any lingering ducks, cormorants, herons and egrets, and maybe even a Mexican Duck. The many species of large, native and exotic trees are good places to find early migrating warblers, vireos, orioles, and grosbeaks. We’ll take a trip to the nearby Hardesty pond for more marshy conditions and the chance at seeing Black Phoebe, Spotted Sandpiper, Song Sparrow, Abert’s Towhee, and other desert riparian species. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU NEED A BIKE RENTAL. Limited to 8 participants, meet at the DoubleTree hotel.

Vermilion Flycatcher by Greg Lavaty