Being proficient with autofocus is perhaps the most challenging skill you can learn to master as a photographer. In order to increase your success rate, especially with subjects that move, you’ve got to practice a lot, you have to know your gear, and you need to have an efficient, optimized camera workflow.

In this concise workshop, taught by pro action shooter and FUJIFILM X-Photographer Dan Bailey, you’ll learn how to utilize the essential components of the focus system on the FUJIFILM X Series cameras, so that you can get better results when shooting action and moving subjects.

In addition, Dan will present his pro tips and techniques that are guaranteed to increase your skills and confidence when tracking and photographing things that move, which will help increase your chances for capturing sharp images every time.

Whether you shoot birds, sports, wildlife, kids, pets, adventure, or any other kind of real-life scene, knowing how to navigate your camera’s focus system, and knowing how to work around its limitations, will make you a better all-around photographer. The workshop will be followed by a guided photo walk with Dan. Sign up for both, to get the most out of the experience. A Fujifilm Tech will be on hand to answer questions and will have the latest Fujifilm X and GFX series loaner gear available. Water bottle & hats provided, and all users are welcome! (Limit of 60)