Dive into the heart of the Darien with Carlos Bethancourt from the Canopy Family and uncover the secrets of Panama’s birding paradise. This lecture shines a spotlight on the majestic Harpy Eagle, Panama’s proud national symbol, alongside other remarkable species like the Crested Eagle, Black Oropendola, and the elusive Grey-cheeked Nunlet. Discover how the Darien, with its rich tapestry of ecosystems, supports not only these incredible species but also a myriad of other avian wonders. Learn about the region’s conservation challenges and successes, and how ecotourism initiatives like the Canopy Camp are making strides in preserving this vital habitat for future generations. Prepare to be enthralled by stories of Darien’s feathered residents and ongoing efforts to preserve their habitat. This lecture is not just a birding  journey, it’s a tribute to the Harpy Eagle and the vibrant biodiversity of Panama’s most enchanting region. (Limit of 100)