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We invite you to be a part of a community that values and protects birds and our natural world.


Southeast Arizona boasts an impressive diversity of bird life. From the iconic roadrunners on the desert floor to the vibrant jays and orioles atop Mount Lemmon, we have so many birds to love and enjoy. Your membership to Tucson Audubon is a passport to the world of these birds and the hundreds of other species who live and migrate through our skies.


Take the first step and become a member of Tucson Audubon.

Get connected with our quarterly newsletter, Vermilion Flycatcher, and weekly e-news updates. Receive members-only benefits including exclusive discounts on classes and trips, and 10% off purchases in our Nature Shops.

  • All funds are used locally
  • Low organizational overhead
  • Subscription to the Vermilion Flycatcher newsletter
  • Ten percent discount in the Audubon Nature Shop
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Memberships for Businesses and Organizations

Tucson Audubon’s Birds Benefit Business Alliance

Businesses and organizations can become Members of Tucson Audubon. Birders bring hundreds of thousands of tourism dollars into our region annually. Aligning your business with Tucson Audubon and our mission just makes good business sense!