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Western Screech-Owl Cam

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Howie and Holly are Western Screech-Owls in northwest Tucson, Arizona.

Screech-owls are sexually dimorphic in size so the bigger owl you see is the female, Holly and the smaller one is the male, Howie. When it’s cold they both puff up and it’s hard to tell by size but you can see a bit of a white arch on the back of Holly’s head.

Owls will use nestboxes year-round for roosting and during breeding season for nesting. Check out the timeline on the right side of the page to see if you missed anything.

Howie and Holly have hosted a camera in their nestbox for the last 4 years. Check out their previous adventures on our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

This live-feed camera is part of Tucson Audubon’s Desert Nestbox Initiative and is made possible by donations.

Questions or comments? Email us at nestbox@tucsonaudubon.org

Follow along with clips from Howie and Holly timeline!

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