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Sandhill Cranes by Lois Manowitz

Best Field Practices for Photography: In-Field Workshop

January 7- Saturday, 8:00 AM- Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area, Photography Workshop

Registration fee: $50/member, $100/non-member.*

Trip difficulty: Easy, >1 mile on flat dirt paths. Restrooms (port-a-potties) available. No water available. Little to no shade available. This trip will require carpooling, so full vaccination against COVID-19 required.

Take off your blinders, open your eyes, and tune in your ears. Whenever we explore the natural world, we are traipsing over, around, and through the homes of countless creatures, large and small. But, how do we snap spectacular wildlife images while minimizing damage? Join naturalist photographers Steve Vaughan and Ian Adrian on a guided birding and photography trip to Whitewater Draw. At this renowned wildlife refuge, we will likely encounter such raptors as northern harriers and hawks, numerous duck species and, Whitewater’s crown jewels, a generous population of large, raucous sandhill cranes. While observing these incredible species, we will provide expert advice on maximizing the experience while maintaining utmost respect for the habitat and creatures who call it home.

Leaders: Steve Vaughan and Ian Adrian

Register here beginning Saturday, December 10, 7:00 AM. *Why does this event cost money? Your generous support helps us to continue to offer an exceptional array of field trips and programming for the community

As a companion to this in-field workshop, we invite you to register for a virtual presentation with Steve Vaughan and Ian Adrian being held in advance of the trip on Thursday, January 5. See more information and register for the virtual component here.


Header Image: Sandhill Cranes by Lois Manowitz

Register Here ($$)




8:00 am - 12:00 pm


$50/member, $100/non-member

Trip Features

All Levels,
Outside Tucson,
Paid Trip


Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area


Ian Adrian

Volunteer Field Trip Leader


Steve Vaughan

Volunteer Field Trip Leader