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Volunteer Opportunity:




The West Desert Trails Nest Box program has the goal of providing additional habitat for cavity-dwelling bird species. Birds like the Western Screech-Owl, American Kestrel, Lucy’s Warbler, and Ash-throated Fly-catcher face habitat loss due to human activity. The nest boxes will serve to make up for some of that lost activity and collecting information on their inhabitants will help us make decisions about future nest box locations and installations.

Position Description:

We need volunteers to walk the washes along which the nest boxes have been installed to check on any activity that may or may not occur in these nest boxes. The nest boxes need to be monitored at least once every two weeks. Volunteers can sign up to monitor just once but it is preferred if volunteers can monitor for multiple weeks over the course of the breeding season. Volunteers are also welcome to sign up in pairs.


Ability to walk/hike sandy terrain in summer weather; Ability to use a smartphone, endoscope, and telescoping pole; Ability to submit information via mobile web app or desktop web app.


March – August 2024

Number of Openings:



West Desert Trails, 6200 W Duval Mine Rd, Green Valley, AZ 85622


To sign up: Email Jess Chen, Environmental Scientist I, Freeport-McMoRan (jchen@fmi.com).


Photo by: Paula Redinger