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Volunteer Opportunity:




Join us at the Southeast Arizona Birding Festival 2024!

Position Description:

Check-in: This volunteer will help check in attendees when they first arrive at the festival, including distributing name badges, t-shirts, and itineraries. They will also answer questions and direct attendees to various locations.

Counter: This volunteer will be stationed at a post near the entrance of the Nature Expo at the DoubleTree and will use a handheld clicker to count guests as they enter to help us measure Expo impact.

Greeter: This position will entail greeting guests and directing them to the appropriate place as they enter the DoubleTree hotel.

Habitat at Home Table & Nestbox Helper: This volunteer will be stationed at the Habitat at Home table at the Nature Expo and will answer any questions from attendees about the program, as well as help with the Nestbox Program. Volunteers will ask a few questions to see if the visitor qualifies to receive a free nestbox (local + native tree yard). If they qualify, volunteers will assist attendees in filling out a form and will hand out a nestbox of their choosing.

Morning Van Crew: These volunteers load the vans used for field trips with coolers, snack boxes, etc., check to make sure vans are in working order, and help greet and guide folks upon arrival to their appropriate field trip leader.

Nature Expo Liaison: This volunteer will walk around the Nature Expo and ensure that our vendors and exhibitors are taken care of, including handing out some water and snacks and answering any questions they may have. They may also be asked to fill in at an exhibitor table for 5-10 minutes to allow them to take a quick break.

Post-festival Mailing Help: These volunteers will help write and send thank you cards to our exhibitors after the festival. (Please note that the date and time for this position is TBD!)

Pre-festival Prep: These volunteers will help with various tasks ahead of the festival, including stuffing name tags, inventorying supplies, organizing materials, etc. (Please note that the date and time for this position is TBD!)

Registration Packing: These volunteers will help by organizing, stuffing, and storing name tags and registration items for all festival attendees. (Please note that the date and time for this position is TBD!)
Set-up/Break Down: This position will entail helping with set-up or break down of festival items such as tables, chairs, signs, etc. It will also include helping exhibitors set-up and break down their tables.

Snack Team: These volunteers will assist our Snack Team in organizing the snacks and lunches for our field trips. Please note that Snack Team volunteers will not prepare the food itself, but rather organize it and pack it into bags and coolers.

Tucson Audubon Table: This position will be stationed at the Tucson Audubon table at the Nature Expo and will answer any questions from attendees about the organization, our mission, programs, membership, etc.

Van Clean Up Crew: These volunteers will help greet vans upon their return from field trips, clean the interiors and ensure they are prepared for the next trip, re-fuel the vans, and park them in the appropriate spots.

eBird Expert – Nature Expo: This volunteer will be present during the Nature Expo to help festival attendees with any questions they might have about using the eBird app, how to submit checklists, and to make sure everyone gets added to the various field trip lists during the festival. This volunteer must be comfortable using all eBird features and explaining how to do so to others.


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August 7-11, 2024

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tucson – Reid Park, 445 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711