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Kenn Kaufman

Featured Special Event

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival Banquet with special guest, Kenn Kaufman sponsored by Zeiss

  • Saturday, August 10
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • $75/person

Wrap up your festival experience with us as we celebrate more than just the new birds we’ve seen, but also the movement that birding is becoming—all over the world, and right here in Tucson. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal, receive a drink ticket, visit with friends, and hear from special guest, Kenn Kaufman and his presentation “Discovery, Rediscovery, and the Sense of Wonder.” Graciously sponsored by ZEISS.

Two centuries ago, a handful of European-American naturalists trekked around the eastern United States, competing to find the last few bird species that were still unknown to science. What was that experience like for them? When Kenn Kaufman began delving into that period in ornithological history, as research for his newest book, he found surprising connections to our own time. Despite all the changes in the world, the adventures of those pioneers have many parallels in the experience of birding today. In this program, built upon that research, Kenn will celebrate discovery and rediscovery, the lure of the unknown, the complexity of nature, and the endless power of birds to delight and amaze us.  (Limit of 120)

Presentation & EVENT Schedule

Opening Party sponsored by Sabrewing Nature Tours, Nature Expo Open

  • Wednesday, August 7
  • 4–6 pm
  • Free—no need to register

We’ll kick-off the festival by introducing special guests, recognizing our greater purpose as birders, and celebrate the first birds seen by checking them off the “Big Board” together. A cash bar will be on-site along with free appetizers and door prizes.

Explore the festival’s Nature Expo on the first night and talk with leaders and exhibitors about their favorite birding locations in Southeast Arizona while checking out new optics, beautiful nature-oriented art, and more. Sponsored by Sabrewing Nature Tours.

Montezuma Quail image by Greg Lavaty