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Jennie MacFarland
Birding guide, beloved presenter, and Tucson Audubon’s Bird Conservation Biologist.

Featured Special Event

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival Banquet & Culmination with special guest, Jennie MacFarland

  • Saturday, August 13
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • $60/person

Wrap up your festival experience with us as we celebrate more than just the new birds we’ve seen, but also the movement that birding is becoming—all over the world, and right here in Tucson. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal, visit with friends, and hear from special guest, Jennie MacFarland, Tucson Audubon’s Bird Conservation Biologist.

Jennie’s talk, “The Ties That Bind: How Birds Inspire Conservation and Community,” centers on how birds have captured our attention and wonder across millennia and cultures. Their flights and migrations are the core of legends, and their songs and plumages are metaphors of beauty and inspiration for art across the world. We are increasingly replacing their homes with our homes and therefore often find birds in our urban spaces. Many of our societal activities affect their lives and populations, but how do they affect us in return? Birds inspire awe in those who love them. How can we expand this community for the benefit of bird conservation?